prosquared-service3Pro2 is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah along with a network of associates and affiliates nationwide to better serve our clients. With our vast network of affiliates, our services can be provided cost effectively throughout the country.

Though we are not the oldest company, the unique and innovative concepts behind Pro2 have been years in the making, with ideas, systems, and processes being identified and refined since the early 1980’s.

Our Mission


To hit the mark you must see it first. Lenders and Investors, Owners, Designers, Developers, Contractors, Bonding and Insurance Companies, and Attorneys often feel blindfolded as they attempt to hit their Construction Project objectives.

At PRO2 (Pro Squared) our Primary Aim is to consistently and professionally provide for our Clients essential concise information and analysis in such a way that they can clearly see how to “hit the mark”.

Our Philosophy


Pro Squared’s philosophy is simple: Principles, People, Processes, and Profit— in that order.  At PRO2 people do not govern, principles do. One such principle is integrity. Clients may not always like what we have to report, but they can rely on the fact that it is true. Innovation is another core principle. We are constantly looking for “a better way to build a mousetrap.” At PRO2, we are not just creative but innovative—we do not just think of it we do it. Innovation simplifies processes to critical essentials; making performance better, more cost effective, and more efficient.